From life coaching, personal training, over 30 group training classes a week, nutrition services and chiropractic care we’ve got you covered.

In our six years of being in business, it has become apparent what makes Perfect Union and the Perfect Union team the best in Santa Cruz County.  Perfect Union is unique in offering something that fitness professionals and other gyms are unable to do. 

You see, the majority of coaches, trainers, and fitness professionals have ALWAYS been in great shape. They’ve always been athletic. They’ve never suffered a major injury. They’ve never been overweight. They have never walked in their clients shoes. 

We asked our current clients to help us come up with a brand statement by giving us three words that described Perfect Union. The same words kept coming up over and over again. 

Supportive. We’re supportive because we’ve been you. Encouraging. We encourage because we know how we wanted someone to treat us. No judgement. We won’t ever judge-we’ve been there ourselves! Positive. That’s because we’re positive you can do it! If we can you can, you can.

At Perfect Union EVERY SINGLE one of your instructors have struggled at some point. Weight issues or injury. We get it. We are supportive, encouraging, welcoming, safe, and loving BECAUSE we’ve been you. 

Thank you for recognizing that the Perfect Union team is phenomenal and trusting us with your health journey whatever your goals may be. We get it, and because of that, we can guarantee you a unique experience that will meet your every goal.