Nutrition Services

Sometimes we need a little help knowing what direction to go with our food consumption. Wether diagnosed with a new illness you need help managing, trying to come off medications, heal the gut, lose weight, manage menopause, or get inflammation under control, nutrition coaching and consulting can be used for a variety of reasons.

*Consulting is customized to the foods you like to eat, lifestyle, cooking, and goals.

Complimentary Initial Consultation:
The initial consultation is a free 30 minute introductory session, either by interactive audio/video technology, phone or in person. In this session, you can learn more about Perfect Union, holistic nutrition, our philosophy and if we are the right fit for you and your needs.

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

an initial assessment of your mental and physical health, lifestyle, diagnosis (if any) and goals are approached in a non invasive question and answer format. Followed by personalized recommendations specific to you, making lifestyle changes manageable, realistic and obtainable. Includes 4 weeks of customized meal plans, and educational information needed for health and healing. $325

Follow up Sessions

Follow-up sessions can occur weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed. Because each client is unique, services are designed on an individual basis, circumstances and needs.

  • one on one counseling initial package includes 3 sessions and 6 weeks of customized meal plans $550

  • Cost of one Follow-Up Session beyond the initial package: $85 

  • Package of 4 Follow-Up Sessions: $300-This package includes monitoring of daily food records or experience journals and regular interaction/support via text, and email. The 4 sessions must be used within a 1 month period of time

    In order to make progress towards your goals I often recommend meeting weekly for a minimum of one month.

Meal Planning

Need assistance figuring out what to "eat for health”? receiving a meal plan and several recipes based on the foods that will help heal your body, foods you like and your style of cooking can be a game changer in your health.    

Our meal plans are done in a seven day layout of meals and snacks.  We take all the guessing out of it and create a meal plan specific to you and your body’s needs using foods you like to eat. Tailored to your schedule and style of cooking (or eating out).

meal plans emailed every Sunday for 4 weeks $150

(if doing nutrition consulting your meal planning is already included)

Mental Health & Addiction Nutrition

many mental health and addictions can be effectively addressed without the use of medications, simply by feeding the starving brain, identifying and actually treating the underlying biochemical drivers using diet, exercise and amino acids.

If you are wanting to work with your physician to come off of anti-depressants, sleep aids, are using substances to self medicate, or want to holistically look at depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and stress an amino acid consult is for you.

Amino Acid consultation with recommendations for healing $95

Nutrition Accountability Coaching

focusing on reducing stress, creating more balance in your life, making healthier food choices, and finding a movement program you’ll follow will help you feel better and add years to life. When you are feeling strong, confident, and healthy inside and out, you’ll naturally have more energy, feel more comfortable in your body, and feel better about the other areas of your life too.

  • our accountability health coaching program includes daily check ins of energy, gratitudes, and food choices, weekly in person or online sessions, daily food log/exercise checks, weekly weight check ins, and encouraging support until you meet your goals $350/month